Renewed text editor, lots of AI and your sales statistics

More power in a simpler text editor

There was a simple request to add tables to the text editor. We thought it was going to be a simple task to make customers who ask for it happy. But after a couple of days, we found ourselves in the middle of the night with a couple of cans of Red Bull, rewriting the editor from scratch. As a result, it became faster, nicer, and gained more functionality. Oh, and tables are there as well. You can try it in your products page and tell us what you think.

Ask AI to generate content for you

Sometimes the hardest step is the first one. We aim to alleviate this stress by offering assistance with that initial step. If you need an idea of what to put in your product's description, just ask our AI assistant. It already has access to your store, products, and categories, providing context to generate appropriate text that you can use as is or adjust further to your needs. Feel free to experiment and generate perfect selling texts for your products.

This feature utilizes AI credits (coins) which are replenished to your primary account every month or can be purchased separately as a package.

See an example of a generated text below👇

Automated product creation from scratch

Not only did we automate text writing, but also product creation. This can be useful for shaping your ideas. For example, you may only have a concept for your next product and want to visualize how it will look on your storefront. Or you may need help creating initial assets such as images and descriptions. In any case, this will save you time, which is the most valuable resource.

Enhanced sales statistics

How do you track your sales statistics? Do you use Google Sheets or collect data using Google Analytics? Now, you have the opportunity to view it right in your store’s dashboard. We've compiled all the main properties of your store there:

  • Total revenue

  • Number of published products

  • Total value of all your products

  • Average product price

  • Charts showing the number of sales and revenue by day.

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