PayPal, freebies, first affiliate income

Is PayPal more suitable for small businesses?

A lot of you have told us that this is essential. There is an opinion that it is more friendly for tiny and small businesses. Some merchants don’t even consider using a service if there is no PayPal option for accepting payments. So, meet the PayPal payment gateway for your stores. We have been working on it for the entire last week, and now we are finishing the last integrations and testing. It’s going to be available at the very beginning of next week.

Sell freebies to boost your sales

It might sound contradictory, but you really can increase your sales by giving away some free but useful stuff. Here is an example: You have a bunch of courses and want to engage people who have some doubts about making a purchase. Offer them a free mini-course, which they might purchase without any hesitation. In exchange, you will get their email address, and you can engage this person even more and close the deal. You can offer discounts, bundles, and secret sales, but what this starts with is a small free product.

We are finishing up the freebies this week and are going to release them at the beginning of next week.

First success of the affiliate program

We have been running our affiliate program for about 4 weeks today. And this week, our first affiliate promoter earned their first money, a fair 30% from the license sold through their YouTube channel. We are proud of them, and we want to be proud of you too. Not only can you earn by selling using Marketsy, but also by speaking about it. There are a number of big YouTube creators with more than 400k subscribers who have already onboarded. You can join this affiliate marketing team. Full info is here.

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