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July 24, 2024
Published: June 03, 2024

New Sections for the Storefront Editor, Creator Interviews Kickoff, Live Inspiration Ideas in Discord

Do you want your storefront to sell better with less effort?

We do. So here are 3 new sections you can add to your storefront:

  • Latest blog posts

  • Featured blog posts

  • Video (YouTube or upload)

How do these help you sell more? There are a few things they can affect. First, better internal cross-linking gives your website more SEO points, resulting in higher search rankings. Second, regularly writing and posting new blog content boosts your SEO, attracting more visitors and potential customers via organic search. Finally, a good 30-second video can explain more than a few web pages. Do yourself a favor and record a short video for your storefront. It can be an introduction, showcase your products' value, or include a customer testimonial. Be creative.

Below is the latest blog posts section on our very promising new seller - Trip Trove Guides (https://www.triptroveguides.com, @TripTroveGuides)

Update your storefront

Latest blog posts on Trip Trove Guides

Sharing Business Insights with the Community

Our big goal of nurturing the community of creators and sellers of digital products is taking its first steps. The most recent milestone for us is conducting our first interview with a creator and entrepreneur.

Big thanks to our first interviewee, Nixi, for his courage and for sharing his insights on building and selling Notion templates for crypto. He spoke about effective marketing tips, pricing strategies, and the impact of AI on the industry.

Read the full story in our blog

But that’s not all! Next week, we are having a conversation with Evgeny Bik, a co-founder of Day One Careers. We will discuss his journey from the corporate world to becoming an educator who helps his students secure top positions in the corporate sector. Stay tuned ✌️

Cover of the interview with Nixi, a Notion creator for crypto

Live Inspiration Ideas in Discord

Seeing the creation of dozens of new stores on Marketsy.ai daily is super exciting for us. We decided that this can be more than just an internal metric—it can also inspire our customers and Discord community members. We've launched a new channel with live updates where you can see every store being created. Browse through these ideas to find your own unique one.

If you're not a member of our Discord community, join us now. We're a group of like-minded individuals interested in earning online and sharing our business journeys. Tap the join link.

Live channel every store’s creation on Marketsy.ai

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