New products creation flow, useful tips, onboarding calls

Smoother products creation flow

We sifted through 100 references to crystallize the perfect UX for adding products to your stores. As a result, the flow was completely revised to ensure the smoothest possible process.

We've divided it into two simple steps so you won't have to fill out long forms for initial product creation. Take a sneak peek below 👇 or try it out in your store.

Useful tips newsletter

There are sellers among you, our customers, with a variety of experience levels. We would like to share something useful with all of you, so we've launched a 14-day newsletter. It contains tips on the most effective utilization of and ecommerce advice to help you succeed. The first letter contained the initial 4 steps of launching a store.

Currently, we are sending these emails to newly-joined users, and some of you received one yesterday. If you would like to subscribe to this newsletter, simply reply to this email.

Let’s have a call

Another helpful initiative came to our minds this week. We're offering to have a short onboarding call with usus (the founders) if you have any difficulties launching your store. You might have already seen this invitation in your store. We have already had a few super productive calls for our customers. So, if you have any questions or would like to share anything with , feel free to book a call right here.

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