Alexey Kramin
2 minutes read
July 24, 2024
Published: May 20, 2024

Customer Reviews Reminder, AI in Pages Editor, Fees Calculator, Simplified Migration

Customers are notified to leave a review after a purchase.

Recent research shows that 95% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase, and 30% of customers research reviews for every purchase they make. Your digital products are no exception. Having enough reviews, even if they are not all 5-star, is essential for a successful digital product store.

Besides converting new customers, reviews can:

  • Drive new traffic

  • Convey credibility and security

  • Provide free marketing

  • Increase conversion

However, getting proper reviews might be a pain in the neck. So we are here to help. We’ve released auto-notifications with a kind request for your customers to leave a review about the product they’ve bought. It costs you nothing in terms of money and effort. It just works.

You can see your reviews in your admin panel. I hope you will find only 5-star reviews there. 😉

All products review page on the admin panel

More AI assistance on your storefront

Aren’t you tired of AI in every feature? I bet you’re not 😄 So here is more AI assistance for your storefront editing.

We’ve added the AI assistant to every block you can add to your main page so that it can help you with the content for them. It has the functionality you’ve likely become accustomed to from other apps you use, such as text expansion, reduction, and grammar correction.

For example, you won’t need to worry about writing short descriptions for your products without repeating yourself. Simply paste a full description and reduce it with one click.

Use the AI assistant in your admin panel. Let us know what else you might need from it.

AI assistant summarizes text on the admin panel

Fair comparison of digital product platforms by price

Fees on different platforms can be overly complicated. For instance, Etsy charges listing, transaction, and processing fees, while only has payment gateway processing fees taken by payment providers. To ensure profitability, it's crucial to be aware of all explicit and hidden fees.

To assist you in making a decision that could save you hundreds of dollars, we've developed a fee calculator that compares the fees of all the most popular platforms for selling digital products.

Try it out right here. Fee Calculator

We have simplified migration from other platforms

If you've been considering switching the platform where you sell your digital products but are worried about the migration process, we have good news for you. We are ready to back you up. We've already begun automated migration from Gumroad and can migrate your store from any other platform. Your products, your copy, even your blog posts—everything will be in your new store, but with a fresher look.

Stop hesitating and move forward with modern tools. Let us know what you want to migrate via the support chat in your admin panel.

Migration to

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