Igor Boky
2 minutes read
July 24, 2024
Published: June 24, 2024

Free Product Assessment, Product Slider, Improved Store Loading Speed, Dropped New Website Section

Get your product’s effectiveness rank for free

Everyone loves free tools, don’t they? We love them too. We also love AI and how it can simplify our routines. As a result of this love ❤️, a product effectiveness measuring tool appeared. You can paste a link to your product hosted anywhere (e.g., Gumroad, Sellix, Payhip, and Marketsy.ai of course) into the measuring tool and get a comprehensive report with:

  • Description clarity

  • Feature highlights

  • Sales channels

  • Target audience

  • Possible improvements

  • Overall score

You can see your products from another perspective and get immediate, fair feedback from AI.

Test your products

Sample product’s evaluation result

Increased the page loading speed of stores by 5x–10x on average

This week, we focused on cleaning up and optimizing our systems. Surprisingly, we discovered that we could improve the overall website compression by an average of 100 kB and compress images by 5x–15x 🚀 depending on the image size.

If this doesn’t seem like a big deal, here’s why it’s important. According to resources like Cloudflare, your conversion rate drops drastically with every additional second your customer waits for a page to load. Here are the approximate numbers:

  • 2.4 seconds - 1.9% conversion rate

  • 3.3 seconds - 1.5% conversion rate

  • 4.2 seconds - <1% conversion rate

  • 5.7+ seconds - <0.6% conversion rate

For example, if you have 1,000 potential buyers for a $50 product, your revenue could be:

  • 2.4 seconds - $950

  • 3.3 seconds - $750

  • 4.2 seconds - <$500

  • 5.7+ seconds - <$300

It’s a meaningful difference, right? So, we are working hard to keep your revenue high.

Go to your store

A few new content sections to use on your websites

Thanks to Jade Summers, founder of TripTrove Guides, we received valuable feedback on the types of blocks our page editor lacks. They are simple but mighty:

  • Products slider section

  • Selected blog articles section

The first one allows you to add a shoveler (hello, Amazon naming) or a carousel with relevant products to any page, offering them for immediate purchase and potentially increasing your revenue. The second one boosts your SEO by improving your cross-linking and potentially attracting more traffic to your store.

Try the new sections in action

New blog posts slider on Marketsy.ai webstore editor

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