Alexey Kramin
2 minutes read
July 24, 2024
Published: July 08, 2024

One-Click PayPal Connection, Unicorn Platform Integration Is Live, Improved Products Widget

Connect your PayPal to with one button click

Say goodbye to the nerdy process of connecting your PayPal account to your store on No more copying security keys from your PayPal account, making mistakes pasting them, or doubting if it’s secure (it actually is). We had to have such a manual process because we didn’t expect PayPal’s red tape to be that bureaucratic. I mean, THAT bureaucratic. It took us almost 4 months to meet all their requirements. But this is how it works, and if we’re playing the enterprise game, we have to follow their rules from time to time. At this moment, I’m grateful that we are an indie company so we don’t have to pretend to be serious business sharks wearing ties and overcomplicating everything.

Anyway, the process of setting up a PayPal connection on is now as easy as a walk in the park. Just do it in your store’s admin panel.

New PayPal connection flow on

Unicorn Platform & Collaboration is Thriving

I know, I know, you’ve read about it already, but today is a special occasion. Our native widget integration for selling digital products went live on Unicorn Platform this week. What does it mean for Unicorn’s users? They don’t need to jump through hoops anymore to sell their digital products on their landing pages. For us, it means more usage, more authority, and more happy customers who earn with

Just in the last couple of days, we noticed a 10% growth in visitors thanks to Unicorn, so it’s a good sign that we’ve done something right and brought some value. God bless collabs 🙏🏾

If you need a neat, easy-to-create, yet powerful landing page for your SaaS or anything else and haven’t heard of Unicorn Platform yet, I highly recommend visiting their website. You will be really impressed. I promise.

Fruitful collaboration between Unicorn Platform and

Product Widgets Improved for Mobile Devices

We believe that any website can be your storefront. Even if it doesn’t have e-commerce functionality, you can turn it into your digital product storefront using no-code widgets.

So, we continue to improve the quality of our widgets and the experience you and your customers have using them. As we know, more than half of website visits are from mobile devices. If a store is not optimized for mobile, it can hurt the conversion rate. For this reason, this week, we revised how the widgets look on mobile devices and made them smoother and more compelling with the product slider.

You can create widgets on your admin panel and measure how they contribute to your sales.

Products widget imported from

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